Bank of America  'Choose Your Account' Landing

One of their most heavily visited pages, Bank of America wanted to revamp their checking account landing page.



When working with clients such as banks, your tied to having a to show a lot of copy on webpage mainly for legal reasons. The Bank of America 'Checking' landing page serves as a page the helps potential customers learn the difference between a 'Core' and 'Interest' checking account.

The main requirement that the client asked for was to not follow the table format that most of their competitors apply on their landing pages.


When I first started planning out my design, I wanted to make sure that it was not only flexible in layout but also in content. The main content of the page, the information about the accounts, would remain the same but I felt that there was opportunity to connect with potential customers based on their needs. For example, providing an area to promote checking accounts for your soon to be college student.

I also realized that the main content of this page is rather long and dry and I wanted to give users the ability to view this content in digestible chunks.


I went into sketch and created a couple of different variations until I settled on I design that I felt was optimal. I then used Invision to create a user flow prototype for desktop and mobile (links to view prototype are below).


After we presented to the clients, my designs were taken by our core creative department and was stylized to meet Bank of America's style guide.