Baskin-Robbins Redesign - Mobile Prototype

Baskin-Robbins needed a new website but had a very small budget. How can we work with these constraints and build for the future? By laying down the foundation.


Baskin-Robbins (BR) website has had a number of small enhancements of the last couple of years and reached the point where the site needed to be rebuilt. Being a company under the corporate Dunkin' Brands, the BR website shared many of the same issues as the Dunkin' Donuts Redesign.

However, being the smaller of the two brands, the redesign came with tougher constraints. Among having a small budget for the redesign, BR also had a smaller asset and social media library to select from. Many of the asset work done required compositing of some sort in photoshop.

Structurally, the website was outdated. Other than some basic SEO information, BR had no data on how users where interacting with their site. Additionally, with having such a large flavor selection, their menu organization was not ideally.


Considering these issues, we knew that we had to fundamentally rebuild how the BR website functioned but still meet the client's desire to see a next generation website.

We connected with our internal strategy and data team to pull a little bit more information on their web traffic as well as general ice cream search behaviors. We found that the BR website had a 60% higher web traffic than desktop. Which is not surprising, potential BR customers probably have a higher need for the site outside of their homes.

When we looked at general ice cream search behavior, including mentions of Baskin-Robbins, we found some interesting information. We noticed that most of ice cream related searches involved ice cream in association with a celebration of some sort. 'Birthday', 'Congratulations', or a holiday were among the highest searched terms.

Using this information, we centered around the idea of creating multiple different avenues for people to access the site. Through web searches, social media, popular ice cream categories and geolocating high traffic Baskin-Robbins areas we can create specific detailed landing pages that would that would meet the user's needs.


We designed desktop comps but we really wanted to focus on the effects that mobile had on the site, so we built with mobile in mind first.

I helped designed pages of the redesigned website but I spent most of my time working on the mobile prototype. Using 'Flinto', I created the users flow and interactions that would occur when the user viewed the site on their phones.

Animated prototype screens home, product and store location pages are below:


After we presented our concept for the new site, we had various meetings with clients to help prioritize the production of the site. The site is currently under production.