Dunkin' Donuts Website Redesign

Outdated design. Not responsive. Horrible SEO. Typically problems of any website redesign.

But the real challenge... How do you make people care about a fast food website?



The Dunkin' Donuts website was last redesigned in 2008 during a time where good user experience and content layout was not a main priority for many sites. The old Dunkin' Donuts website fell into trap that many sites encounter and thats building for the present instead of the future. By not taking in consideration the technology boom that was to occur during this time, the Dunkin' Donuts website became another bland site lost in a sea of the internet.

We began the task of redesigning the Dunkin' Donuts website, the first question we asked ourselves was:

"Why would ANYONE come to DunkinDonuts.com?"

When we looked at our competitors in the quick service retail (QSR) space, we noticed that they were trying to solve the same problem. Overall design and site flexibility had improved since 2008. However, sites began to feel very similar in appearance and the core of their sites still felt outdated, mainly existing as content repositories instead of brand experiences.

In addition to the problems the site shared with it's peers, the old Dunkin' Donuts website had no SEO to pull from as the developers had not turned on the tags once the site went live.


With the future in mind, we began to research who exactly was our target audience. We went back to our original question of why would anyone want to come to this site and found a few trends. Most people when searching for a QSR site tend to have three goals in mind:

  1. Look at the menu
  2. Find a store
  3. See store hours

All three of these task can be done before even reaching the site thanks to Google. When digging in further on users mobile use, we found the people have extremely different mindsets when interacting with a brand's app compared to their website.

We continued to do more user research by looking at what people where saying about the brand on reddit, reading general and QSR market trends and few more other resources. We gathered this information and created context maps, user journeys and personas to help us reach our concept and direction for the new site.


The concept that we landed on was that the new Dunkin' Donuts site should be something more than a place to highlight your new seasonal special. People are bombarded with advertisements through multiple channels and the site should be a little more reflective of the brand's core values instead of another marketing page. In short we wanted to:

"Redesign DunkinDonuts.com to tell the Dunkin' story, elevating the site to be demonstrative of the brand –– fast, rewarding and satisfying as a visit to DD."

When comparing Dunkin' Donuts to their main rival, Starbucks, we noticed that people tended to view Dunkin' as more approachable and community friendly option. Add in the fact the Dunkin' Donut stores are all franchisee owned, we felt that we had an opportunity to make a connection people on a more personal level.

On the new homepage of the Dunkin' Donuts website, we wanted to showcase that Dunkin' Donuts is an integral part of any community by using the main hero to be a place to promote their latest community efforts. These efforts would be rotated out seasonally and will allow users to actually participate through their normal Dunkin' habits.

When you scroll past the featured hero, we wanted to make sure that users were able to easily access the content without having to search for it by making the page adaptable and by surfacing relevant content to the homepage. In the mobile view, we knew that most users where mainly looking for locations and store hours. So when someone was to visit the site on their phones the store tile would have a higher priority than the desktop site where other content might have more value.

Another important page of any restaurant site is the product pages and the old Dunkin' Donut product pages left something to be desired. We completely revamped their product pages to have a wealth of information. We added various things such as motion video, fun facts, interactive tables and perfect pairs to tie other products together.


After we presented our concept for the new site, we had various meetings with clients to help prioritize the production of the site. Being that to integrate all of this content would take longer than a year to produce, some of the major content such as the branded community effort on the homepage got tabled until after the initial launch of the site.

Once priorities where set, we set out on a year journey to build the site. Working across capabilities with project and account managers, business analysts, copywriters, content strategists and developers (both in-office and overseas) we launched the new Dunkin' Dounts site on March 9, 2017.