Regal Cinemas 'Be Changed Together' Rebrand Concept

Movie theaters used to be the place to go for any occasions, however, for years attendance has seen a steady decline. How can we reignite America's love for going to the movies?


Since about the late 1950's movie theater attendance has been a in slow and steady decline. While people still showed up for the summer box office hits, the experience could never match that of the glory years of 1920s and 30s. Moving into the new century, the movie theater industry began to take hard hits due to the internet and movie theater quality technology slowly making their ways into our homes. We wanted to figure out how could we reinvigorate America's love for going to the movies.

We used Regal Cinemas as our brand to build this transformation around because we noticed that they not adjusted well enough compared to their competitors. When we asked people what their thoughts were on Regal theaters, we received answers such as dirty, stuck in the 90's and having no type of emotional connection at all.


When we asked ourselves why we enjoyed going to the movies, surprisingly, we all had different answers. From enjoying the snacks, hanging out with friends and the feeling of being in a dark room with a large screen and surround sound, none of us really shared the same thoughts.

We found this interesting, that a bunch of people could sit a dark room together and the same movie in a number of different ways. Our team, centered around the movie watching experience of 'suspension of disbelief'. When any movie, you have to give into the movies story to have a full appreciation. That suspension of disbelief is what grabs your emotions and creates your feelings around a movie.


The concept we landed on was to 'Be Changed Together'. The movie theater experience is a great because their our numerous ways for you to enjoy it. For two hours, you can sit in a room together with a bunch of strangers and feel together. You could be watching a comedy and one person laughs out loud, this causes the whole room laugh. You could be watching a horror flick and you could feel the tension and suspense in the room as everyone is on the edge of their seats. The movie theater is a place where we can 'Be Changed Together'.